Endorphin.esRunning Order Two-Channel Trigger Sequencer

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Endorphin.es Running Order

This two-track trigger sequencer, the Running Order from Endorphin.es, packs a ton of great features into its 6hp size. Manually enter sequences using the tap and rest buttons and Running Order takes over from there, providing endlessly looping trigger sequences. Up to eight sequences can be saved and recalled, even after cycling power. Add up to seven repeats to the sequences manually or with external CV to dynamically alter the patterns. Running Order also features a Euclidean mode for a different kind of pattern generation. Set the length of the pattern up to 16 steps and then fill that pattern with evenly spaced triggers, set by the repeats knobs or CV inputs. The internal clock features BPM between 30-300, controlled with the rate/div/patt control, which functions as a clock divider/multiplier with an external clock source. Two individual resets inputs make the sequence jump back to the first step in the sequence, with reset 1 normalled into reset 2 with no cables present. Mute either channel on the fly when in live mode using the step and rest buttons. Compact and easy to use, this trigger sequencer is a powerful tool for pattern generation.

Running Order Features

  • Two-track trigger sequencer
  • Step sequencer or Euclidean pattern generation
  • Enter steps and rests with the buttons
  • Euclidean mode creates evenly spaced patterns over a selectable amount of steps
  • CV control over repeats/Euclidean steps
  • 30-300 BPM with an internal clock with dedicated output
  • External clock input with internal clock divider/multiplier
  • 10ms trigger outputs
  • Individual resets with reset one normalled to reset 2
  • Save and recall up to eight patterns, even through power cycles
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth:
    • Eurorack module
    • Width: 6hp
    • Depth: 30mm
    • Current draw: 30mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
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Endorphin.es Running Order Two-Channel Trigger Sequencer Reviews