Empress EffectsTremolo2 Tremolo Effect Pedal


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Empress Effects Tremolo2

The Empress Effects Tremolo2 is a breakthrough all-analog tremolo pedal with digital control that offers features unavailable from other similarly-priced tremolos. The unit features a completely original design that privileges inventive features that maintain the integrity of the input signal while simultaneously emphasizing tone. Available features include tap tempo, selectable waveforms, eight rhythms, and an extensive preset system with a total of eight presets. There’s also a control port for external tap tempo control, an expression pedal input, as well as CV and MIDI implementation.

Tremolo2 Features

  • Pristine sound
  • Modulate your sound with three different waveforms. An asymmetrical tremolo, square wave and triangle wave setting
  • Tap Tempo averages your last four taps. Also choose different tap to tremolo rate ratios. 1:1, 3:4, 1:2, 1:3 and 1:4
  • You can also set it to play different rhythms
  • Aa gain stage on the output delivers up to 12dB of gain without adding any distortion to the signal
  • Save all your settings in up to 8 presets and recall with the touch of a button
  • True Bypass


  • Power Input Voltage: 9 - 12 V DC (Negative tip)
  • Power Input Connector: 2.1mm barrel connector (Negative tip)
  • Power Consumption: 100mA
  • Enclosure Material: Die Cast Aluminum
  • Input connector: 1/4" Jack
  • Output connector: 1/4" Jack
  • Height (Enclosure only): 1.5"
  • Height (including controls): 2"
  • Length: 3.5"
  • Width: 4.5"
  • Input Impedance: 1 Meg
  • Output Impedance: 330 Ohm
  • Frequency Response: (-3dB) 4Hz - 30kHz
  • Input Headroom: +9.8dBu
  • Output Headroom: +9.2dBu
  • Distortion: 0.40%
  • Signal to Noise: 107.7dB
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