Empress EffectsBass Compressor Pedal

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Empress Bass Compressor Pedal

With many features found on high-end studio compressors, the Bass Compressor from Empress Effects is a top-notch compressor suited for low-end instruments and audio. The original Empress Compressor pedal, released in 2011, was a hit with guitar and bass players, and now this pedal is formulated explicitly with a wide frequency range that features a flat response down to 20Hz. Three compression ratios and input and output levels provide a wide range of compression behavior. Change the compression response using the fully independent attack and release knobs.

Sidechain the compressor against external audio with the send and return on 3.5mm TRS jack. The sidechain high pass filter features a range of 20Hz to 400Hz that filters the low end of the sidechained audio. Add some mild harmonic distortion using the tone+colour switch with two preset EQ curves formulated for bass response and a gentle clipping circuit. Easily monitor the input level and gain reduction using the LED indication. This high-performance compressor is the perfect solution for low-end instruments such as bass guitars or drum machines that need dynamic control and an added punch.

Bass Compressor Features

  • Analog bass compressor
  • Suited for low-end instruments and audio
  • Flat response down to 20Hz
  • Send and return sidechain on 3.5mm TRS with high pass filter that ranges from 20Hz–400Hz
  • Tone+colour circuit that adds mild and pleasant harmonic distortion
  • Independent attack and release times
  • Four compression ratios
  • Mix between dry and compressed signals
  • True bypass
  • Clear LED metering for input and gain reduction
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 4.8 x 2.6"/63 x 122 x 66mm
  • Power Specs: 9-18V 2.1mm barrel connection with negative tip (PSU not included)
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