Elysiaxpressor neo qube Stereo Compressor


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Elysia xpressor neo qube

Bring the Elysia sound anywhere with the xpressor neo qube, a cute little box that handles power and audio connectivity for the pre-installed xpressor neo 500 module. Each qube offers dedicated sets of balanced inputs on the back, providing two channels of XLR or 1/4" TRS inputs and outputs to connect a variety of other gear. A refined power supply design offers low-noise and superior performance for delivering the highest quality recordings. And if you ever find yourself looking to expand, the qube chassis is slotted and allows for securely connecting and stacking other qubes, as needed for your studio space.

The xpressor qube is dedicated to providing flexible stereo compression, shaping the dynamics of your tracks with fine delicacy or pushed to the limits as needed. A hallmark of elysia compressors is their ability to specify negative compression ratios, where increasing input signals are pushed further below the threshold level for extreme compression settings, and the xpressor 500 delivers this in spades. Of course, a versatile range of Attack and Release settings are available, and when paired with the Auto Fast Attack and Logarithmic release settings offers utmost flexibility in dialing in your ideal compression. A tunable sidechain filter is present for reducing low frequency signals that are picked up by the compression control circuit, reducing unwanted pumping in bassy sounds, and elysia's unique Gain Reduction Limiter restricts voltage levels in the control circuit. Rounding out the controls are makeup Gain, a mix control for dialing in parallel compression sounds, and a Warm Mode that imparts saturation for harmonic interest.

In their new neo series, Elysia is now manufacturing panels in house, ensuring great control over the quality over the end result. When you hold an xpressor neo in your hands, you'll feel the robust design and appreicate the choice of quality components. Compression is a vital component of any recording or mixing workflow, and choosing the xpressor qube will get you a great sounding companion for shaping your dynamics to your heart's content.

xpressor neo qube Features

  • Standalone 500 series stereo compressor
  • Two channels of balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS audio I/O
  • xpressor contains discrete, Class-A components
  • Threshold ranges from -42 to +22dB
  • Variable Attack times ranging from 0.01 to 120ms, with Auto Fast mode
  • Release times scale from 5 to 1300ms, with linear or logarithmic curves
  • Wide ranging Ratio control provides standard settings, limiting functionality, and even negative ratios
  • Sidechain highpass filter rolls off low frequencies ranging from 31 to 1000 Hz
  • Up to 21dB of makeup gain
  • Dry/Wet Mix control allows for parallel compression without needing external mixing or routing
    • Frequency response: <10 Hz - 400kHz (-3dB)
    • Dynamic range: 115dB
    • Input impedance: 10kOhm
    • Output Impedance: 68 Ohm
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