ElysiaKaracter 500 Series Color Box

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Elysia Karacter 500

The Elysia Karacter 500 brings all the power of their renowned Karacter rack mount module to the 500 series format! Think of the Elysia Karacter as a vibrant box of powerful mastering tools that can be used in conventional and experimental ways. The device’s audio path is entirely class-A, delivering uncompromisingly powerful results with a slew of creative potential that pushes the box’s capabilities well beyond the boundaries of conventional mixing/mastering and into more experimental territory. Using Mastering-Grade Saturation, the Karacter achieves exemplary signal coloration while maintaining a distinctly high-end quality. Under this parameter, the Karacter produces Total Harmonic Distortion with a  soft characteristic slope for symmetrical clipping. There’s also an FET Shred mode that allows the unit to sound more like a tube amplifier, and a Color control that alters the harmonics-frequency relation.  This latter feature can be used when in stereo mode to great effect, as it enables the processing of mid and side bands. 

Karacter 500 Features

  • Discrete Class-A Topology
  • Mastering-Grade Saturation
  • Tube-Inspired Distortion
  • Glorious Destruction
  • Color Filter
  • Integrated M/S Matrix
  • Dual Mono/Stereo Link
  • Stepped Controllers
  • Specs coming soon!
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