Elektron Digitone Polyphonic Digital Synthesizer

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Elektron Digitone

Simply put, Digitone is the next step in FM synthesis. Think of it as an intersection between FM sound generation and subtractive synthesis techniques that boldly signifies a new era of sonic potentiality.

With Digitone, users can select from a library of nuanced FM algorithms then use the device's filter sections to sculpt their tones. From there, the results can be arranged and manipulated via Elektron's compelling sequencer before they are sent to the effects section for final polishing. Digitone harnesses this kind of raw power and literally puts it at the user's fingertips.

Digitone Features

Synth Voice

  • 8 voice polyphony (multitimbral)
  • Multiple FM algorithms
  • 1 × multimode filter per voice
  • 1 × base-width filter per voice
  • 1 × overdrive per voice
  • 2 × assignable LFO per voice


  • 4 synth tracks
  • 4 MIDI tracks
  • 1 arpeggiator per track
  • Polyphonic sequencing
  • Individual track lengths
  • Parameter locks
  • Micro timing
  • Trig conditions
  • Sound per step change

Send & Master Effects

  • Panoramic Chorus send effect
  • Saturator Delay send effect
  • Supervoid Reverb send effect
  • Overdrive master effect
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  • 128 × 64 pixel OLED screen
  • 2 × 1/4” impedance balanced audio out jacks
  • 2 × 1/4” audio in jacks
  • 1 × 1/4” stereo headphone jack
  • 48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converters
  • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN Sync out

Physical specification

  • Sturdy steel casing
  • Dimensions: W 215 × D 176 × H 63 mm (8.5” × 6.9” × 2.5”) (including knobs and feet)
  • Weight: approximately 1.49 kg (3.3 lbs)
  • 100 × 100 mm VESA mounting holes. Use M4 screws with a max length of 7 mm


  • Overbridge enabled
  • 3 year Elektron warranty

Included in the box

  • Power Supply PSU-3b
  • Elektron USB cable
Product Demo Videos
Elektron Digitone Sounds NAMM 2018
Cenk from Elektron shows us some of the awesome sounds the Digitone polyphonic FM synthesizer / sequencer can produce at NAMM 2018.
Behringer Model D With Elektron Digitone
This video has the bass line provided by the Behringer Model D with drums and pads from the Digitone. The Digitone is also used to sequence the Model D with midi. The Model D is great for bass sounds with its three rich oscillators and deep lowpass filter.
Elektron Digitone FM Synth & Sequencer
The Elektron Digitone is an 8 voice FM synthesizer which also includes wave shaping and multimode filters. It has 4 powerful sequencer tracks and 4 more midi sequencing tracks for controlling external synths. In this video all of the sounds come for the Digitone.
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