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ElektronDigitakt Sampler + Drum Machine


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Elektron Digitakt

Digitakt, from Elektron, is a compact digital sampling drum machine that has everything one needs to make beats. With its highly flexible digital architecture, sounds can be manipulated, mangled, chopped, and organized to make any type of rhythms. It has a fully featured live-friendly sequencer that can also be used to sequence external MIDI gear. Elektron's Overbridge is also fully functional in the Digitakt, for an even smoother experience interfacing the Digitakt with computers and other gear.

Digitakt Features

  • 8 internal audio tracks
  • 8 dedicated MIDI tracks
  • 1 × Digital multi-mode filter per audio track
  • 1 × Distortion effect per audio track
  • 1 × Assignable LFO per track
  • Delay and Reverb send FX
  • Sampling capability
  • 64 MB sample memory
  • 1 GB +Drive storage
  • 2 × ¼” inputs & 2 × ¼” balanced outputs
  • 1 × High Speed USB 2.0 port
  • Overbridge support
  • Dimensions: W 8.5"×D 7.2"×H 2.5″ / W 215mm × D 176mm × H 63mm
  • Weight: 3.2lbs / 1.45kg
  • MIDI IN, OUT and THRU ports
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Product Demo Videos
Elektron's EARTH-SHAKING UPDATE! Digitakt OS 1.30
Mario and Wes take a look at the Digitakt's new digs with Firmware Update 1.3 which adds an abundance of new features including a second band - width filter and LFO! Additionally, they take a look at the new external mixer controls which allow the Digitakt to process external instruments through the built-in effects and compressor.

Other quality of life enhancements in Firmware Update 1.3 include an extended sample range to -60 semitones, Global FX/MIX settings which keeps your patterns consistent across projects, and several new notch-filters! Grab the firmware at and let us know what your favorite new feature is!
Best Gear of the Year : Artist Picks Part 1
Wow! We got a hold of some of our favorite content creators to talk about their favorite piece of gear they got in 2021.
Quick Tip: Shift a Sequence Around on a Digitakt Tutorial
This Quick Tip shows how to shift a sequence on a Digitakt by holding the function key and pushing the left or right arrow buttons. This will shift one track while leaving your other tracks alone, allowing you to quickly try out shifted rhythmic patterns. Although we showed this on an Elektron sequencer there are other sequencers that also allow this same technique, so check if your sequencer does since this can help you come up with new ideas if you are stuck!
Quick Tip: "Analog" Style Noise Snares on a Sampler Tutorial
This Quick Tip shows how to use a sampler to make a noise burst snare that is a little bit different every time it is triggered. First you need a sample that is a minute or so long of either white noise or something a little more interesting like radio static or the output a noisy synth like the JMT NF-2 that we used in this video. Then load up the noise sample onto a pad of your sampler. Use a stepped random LFO or sample & hold that is triggered every time the sample is triggered. Set the LFO to modulate the start point of the sample. Adjust the attack and decay time or add a filter and effects to soften up the harshness of the noise sound.
Jeremiah Chiu & Marta Sofia Honer : "Recordings from the Åland Islands"
Artists Jeremiah Chiu and Marta Sofia Honer came by the Perfect Circuit Studio for a short performance and to discuss some of their workflow!
Elektron Digitakt Sampler + Drum Machine Reviews