ElektrofonKlang Polyphonic Controller


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Elektrofon Klang

Klang from Elektrofon is a stunning polyphonic controller, designed to provide easy access to tonal harmony in the context of a Eurorack system. The Klang features a direct and inspiring interface of four encoders that all separately point to a note on Klang's vibrant OLED display. The encoder positioned under the Klang's display allows you to set the active chord—holding this encoder down activates the module's tuning mode, setting every note to middle C. This is very handy for tuning your oscillators quickly and efficiently. The "-" button deletes the active chord, and the "+" button will add a chord that will be set after the previous chord. The module also features three CV inputs that either advance or reverse your chord progression. The module can also transpose its chord based on the voltage received in its third input. This creates a powerful tonal environment for your Eurorack system, and can easily unlock more advanced aspects of harmony within your modular ecosystem!

Klang Features

  • OLED display with points that point towards each note in a chord
  • Four encoders choose which note values are set
  • Setup chord progessions with the "+" , or "-" buttons
  • Create complex chordal harmony in only 14 HP
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current draw: 34mA @ +12v, 4mA @ -12v
Elektrofon Klang Polyphonic Controller Reviews