Electro-HarmonixMicrosynth Analog Guitar Synthesizer Pedal


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EHX Microsynth Analog Guitar Synthesizer Pedal

The XO MicroSynth, from Electro-Harmonix, imparts beefy analog synthesizer sounds into the realm of guitar. It produces everything from the staple sounds of early Moog synthesizers all the way to completely customized sonic debauchery. This wealth of sonic muscle is controllable via 10-slider layout, which affords an intuitive means of manipulating the sounds. Consequently, the XO can produce anything from sweltering sonic stabs to reverse bowed effects.

Each of the sliders affords control over a crucial parameter, including Trigger Threshold, Filter Sweep, Attack/Delay, and a 2-pole resonant filter. All of this and more makes the XO an effective means of blasting one’s sonic potential all the way to the multiverse and back!

XO MicroSynth Features

  • Trigger Threshold Slider Control
  • 4-Voice Mix Section (Sub Octave, Original, Octave Up, & Square) Slider Controls
  • Filter Sweep Section Slider Controls
  • Attack Delay Slider Control
  • Square wave voice usable as a distortion tone
  • All-Analog Design
  • Analog 2-pole Resonant Filter
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis
  • 96DC-200BI power supply included
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