Electro-HarmonixRing Thing Modulator Pedal


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Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing

The Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing imparts a range of functionality that gives users the uncanny ability to explore uncharted depth of new and intriguing sonic platitudes. The pedal features a single sideband modulator with state-of-the-art modulation controls that can be configured to produce complex modulations that can subsequently produce a vast array of sounds. Seriously, this thing can produce everything from metallic sweeps to endless modulations, making it ideal for a range of applications.

The pedal enjoys four selectable modes, each making use of either frequency modulation or pitch shift modulation. Included modes are Ring Modulation, Single Sideband, Lower Band, Side Modulation, and Pitch Shift. The Ring Modulation portion of the pedal was inspired by Electro-Harmonix’s Frequency Analyzer, albeit with selectable waveforms, presets, a sweepable filter, and versatile expression pedal control.

The Ring Thing’s Single-sideband modulation constitutes a brand new effect that is essentially one-band ring modulation, meaning it is more harmonious than traditional ring mod effects. There’s also an integrated pitch shifter for unbeatable detune effects, chorus, vibrato, transposition, and whammy when used with an expression pedal.

Ring Thing Features

  • Multi-wave selection for modulation and Ring Mod
  • Low pass Filter for Ring Mod and single side band modes
  • Fine and depth control for frequency select and amount
  • Tune switch to adjust frequency to your pitch
  • Upper and lower sideband isolation
  • High quality whammy style effects with expression pedal
  • Pitch shifting with pitch modulation and vibrato
  • Large Pedal Enclosure
  • 9V Battery Operation
  • 9VDC Power Supply Optional (Not Included)
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