Electro-HarmonixNano Double Muff Fuzz Overdrive


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Electro-Harmonix Nano Double Muff

The only thing lacking in the original Muff Fuzz was a second Muff Fuzz… Fortunately, Electro-Harmonix have successfully solved this problem with the Nano Double Muff! This distinct fuzz override pedal takes everything great about its predecessor and multiplies it twofold. Best of all, the pedal can be configured to run as a single Muff, or for double duty.

When operating in Single Mode, the overdrive is reduced in tandem with decreases in guitar volume. Conversely, Double Mode promotes interplay between the two knobs, giving users plenty of room to fine-tune their sound to yield the perfect amount of distortion.

Nano Double Muff Features

  • Two Muffs in a Nano-sized pedal
  • Operates in Single or Double Muff modes
  • Simple control set—one knob for controlling the level of each Muff


  • True Bypass
  • Operates on 9V Battery (included)
  • Will optionally operate with EHX 9.6V AC/DC Adapter (not included)
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