Electro-HarmonixNano Clone Chorus


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Electro-Harmonix Nano Clone

Don’t be fooled by the Nano Clone Chorus’s compact size, Electro-Harmonix has ensured that it delivers the same superior sonic quality afforded by its larger sibling, the Small Clone. This powerful chorus pedal can be manipulated via Rate knob, which features a corresponding LED indicator for precise visual feedback.

The pedal subtly warps whatever signal is present at its input, bending the frequencies while simultaneously mixing the result with the dry signal, resulting in a singular doubling effect.

In terms of sonic management, users can control the overall amount of the altered signal’s affected frequency via the Depth switch, while the Rate knob dictates alterations between the rising and falling aspects of the frequency.

Nano Clone Features

  • Small die cast case saves pedalboard space
  • Rate knob


  • The optional 9V power supply from Electro-Harmonix is US96DC-200BI 9.6 volts/DC 200ma (product# 150487)
  • The barrel connector on the front of the Nano Clone is for the 9-volt power adaptor capable of delivering 100 mA of current. The inner ring of the 9-volt power adaptor must be negative, the outer ring positive
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