Electro-HarmonixMicro Q-Tron Envelope Filter Pedal


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EHX Micro Q-Tron Envelope Filter Pedal

Much like its larger sibling, the Electro-Harmonix Micro Q-Tron is a true bypass envelope filter pedal that lathers any input signal in that tasty, funky wah everyone knows and loves. All operations are ultimately dictated by an internal envelope follower, which analyzes the volume of each note as well as the nuanced dynamics of the player’s style, then utilizes that information to sweep the filter’s center or cutoff frequency. The unit achieves wide frequency sweeps when met with louder notes and prominent attacks, but can also become much more subtle with softer playing. There’s also a Q control for fine-tuning the bandwidth.

Micro Q-Tron Features

  • True bypass
  • Drive control sets sensitivity and filter sweep range
  • Selectable low pass, band pass or high pass filters
  • Q control sets the filter's bandwidth from smooth to funky
  • Tough and compact die-cast chassis
  • 9-volt battery included
  • Optional 96DC-200BI power supply available
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