Electro-HarmonixMemory Toy Analog Echo / Chorus Pedal


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EHX Memory Toy Analog Echo / Chorus Pedal

The Memory Toy is a compact analog delay pedal that provides a characteristically thick sound at a relatively minuscule price-point. The pedal equips musicians with up to 550ms of delay, lathering the input signal with slick, organic sonic goodness that becomes even better when melded with the pedal’s selectable chorus. Far from the average toy, Memory Toy performs well in combo with other effects processors, allowing for nearly endless experimentation that lets users cultivate their own unique sound.

Controls include Delay, Blend, Mod, Feedback, and the footswitch. Delay governs the overall delay range, with extends from 30ms to 550ms. The delay amount is increased when this knob is turned completely clockwise. The Blend control lets users fine-tune the balance between dry and wet signals (all the way counterclockwise is completely dry, while all the way clockwise is wet).

The Feedback control affects the total number of delay repeats and echoes, and is capable of self-oscillation at higher settings. The Mod switch affects the delay time in a similar manner as the chorus modulation on the Memory Man, and the footswitch toggles between effect and true bypass modes.

Memory Toy Features

  • DELAY Control—The range of delay time is from 30ms to 550ms
  • BLEND Control—Mix from 100% dry when set counter-clockwise to 100% wet at full clockwise
  • Feedback Control
  • MOD Switch
  • Input jack
  • Amp jack
  • True Bypass
  • Optional 96DC-200BI power supply available (not included)

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