Electro-HarmonixDeluxe Memory Boy Analog Delay


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Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy

The Deluxe Memory Boy, from Electro-Harmonix, is the latest addition to the Memory Boy family. This BBD pedal features optimized internal circuitry that imparts a characteristically warm analog tone that sounds wonderfully organic. An integrated tap tempo lets users sync the delay to the nuances of their groove. Users can manually dial in modulations or control the pedal remotely via an external expression pedal. The ability to choose five note divisions is another reason why the Memory Boy is one of the most flexible analog delay pedals currently on the market. 

Deluxe Memory Boy Features

  • Tap Tempo
  • Tap Divide timing subdivisions
  • Expression pedal input for flexible control
  • Triangle and square wave modulation with adjustable rate and depth for superior chorus, vibratos and sweeps
  • Total analog bucket brigade design
  • 9-Volt battery included
  • Optional 9.6DC-2000BI power supply available
  • Heavy Duty Metal Chassis
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