Electro-FaustusEF110 Blackfly Metallic Swarm Generator


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Electro-Faustus EF110 Blackfly

The Electro-Faustus Noise Devices EF110 Blackfly Metallic Swarm Generator is a spring-equipped instrument that spits an array of sonic characteristics that make it ideal for noise musicians, sound designers, and dabblers alike!

The pedal is controlled via four springs that are arranged in terms of pitch, from low to high. Accordingly, these springs can be manipulated in a variety of ways to produce a stunning range of possible tones. There’s also a Swat switch that is essentially a momentary switch that can be utilized for unique cut-up style effects, as well as a Swarm switch that determines the frequency of the output tone.

EF110 Blackfly Features

  • Swat - This is a momentary switch. depressing the button will create cool cut-up effects!
  • Swarm – This dial when turned from Left to Right will determing the range of frequency being transmitted bythe unit.
  • Tuning - After playing the Blackfly it may be necessary to “tune” the springs by tightening the nuts. The hardwareof this instrument was kept as flexible as possible (like a guitar) so that modifications can be made.As with all our pedals, there’s no right way to use it. Experiment and have fun!
  • No power is required to operate the EF110!
  • Operating Instructions: Connect your amplifier to the OUTPUT jack.
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