Elby DesignsES11 Triple Comparator


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Elby Designs ES11

The Elby Designs ES11 provides three functions that aid in the production of variable pulse waves and square waves. The module’s comparator reference level and be implemented as a temporal altering control voltage, intricate audio signal, or fixed voltage. The comparators are also ideal for detecting levels and amplitude-based logic decisions. 

If all that wasn't enough, the module also features one fixed Schmitt trigger, the output of which rises to approximately 5V whenever the input decreases below 0.6 volts. Conversely, it falls somewhere around 0V whenever the input exceeds 4.3V. 

ES11 Features

  • 3 Independent Comparators
  • 1 non adjustable Schmidt trigger
  • Pulse wave control for each Comparator
  • Power Consumption: +12V @ 10mA, –12V @ 5ma
  • Module Width: 17HP
  • Module Depth: 45mm
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