Electro-HarmonixV256 Vocoder Pedal with Reflex-Tune


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EHX V256 Vocoder Pedal with Reflex-Tune

The Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder Pedal can efficiently impart an array of vocoder effects onto any input signal. Though it was primarily intended as a vocal processor, it is compatible with much more than vocals. Still, it is a pretty robust vocal processor that can take one’s vocals from familiar territory to the outright esoteric.

Capable of everything from gender-bending to drone tones, the V256 is adept at infusing characteristically alien textures into any production or performance. Its adjustable bands (from 8 to 256) attest to its inherent flexibility by simultaneously transporting users to the ‘80s and a retro-dystopian future. In addition to vocoding, users can spice up their vocals since the unit features Reflex Tune, one of today’s most popular pitch correction effects.

On top of all that, the V256 features a total of nine programmable memory locations, a blend control, and an XLR input with Phantom Power.

V256 Features

  • Blend control
  • 9 programmable memory locations
  • Vocoder band adjustment from 8-256 bands
  • Gender bender for male or female emphasis adjust
  • Reflex Tune for articulate vocal pitch-correction
  • 3 robotic voices and single, major, and minor drones — all with pitch control
  • XLR microphone connector with phantom power
  • Transposition for pitch-shifting
  • Instrument control for monophonic pitch replacement
  • Heavy Duty Pedal Enclsoure
  • 9V Battery Operation
  • 9V DC-100 1/8" tip Positive Power Supply not included
  • Dimensions: 8" x 7" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 2lb.
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