Electro-HarmonixTone Tattoo Multi-Effects Pedal


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Electro-Harmonix Tone Tattoo

The Tone Tattoo, from Electro-Harmonix, is a multi-effects guitar pedal that combines three of today’s most demanded effects: distortion, chorus, and delay. This conveniently compact pedal is characteristically unassuming, since it packs a wealth of functionality sourced from three of Electro-Harmonix’s most renowned pedals (Metal Muff, Neo Clone, and Memory Toy) into an extremely small chassis.

Each of the Tone Tattoo’s effects function completely independently from one another. Likewise, it features a separate footswitch for each effect, meaning users can achieve complete control over the effects configuration for a wealth of possible tones. Taking things a step further, each effect enjoys its own individual knobs and switches, affording instant tweakability for profound on-the-fly changes with absolutely no menu diving.

Implementing the Tattoo into one’s setup is akin to having three entirely separate pedals at one’s disposal, except with far less cables and/or power supplies taking up precious space.

Tone Tattoo Features

  • Gate Threshold, Volume, Drive, Bass and Treble knobs (Metal Muff section)
  • Scoop switch (Metal Muff section)
  • Gate button (Metal Muff section)
  • Rate knob (Neo Cone section)
  • Depth button (Neo Cone section)
  • Delay, Feedback, Blend and Gain knobs (Memory Toy section)
  • Each effect section has its own independent footswitch
  • New noise gate means minimal noise.
  • Heavy Duty Pedal Enclsoure
  • 9V Battery Operation
  • 9V DC-100 1/8" tip Positive Power Supply Optional
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