Electro-HarmonixStereo Pulsar Analog Tremolo Pedal


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Electro-Harmonix Stereo Pulsar

The Micro Stereo Pulsar, from Electro-Harmonix, takes all the features that made the original a hit and condenses them into a single compact aluminum chassis that can be adequately housed in just about any pedalboard.

In terms of controls, the pedal features a waveshape switch that selects between triangle wave mode and square wave mode. A corresponding Shape knob alters the shape of the waveform as it modulates the tremolo. When in triangle mode, turning the shape knob from counterclockwise to center changes the wave from a small from a rising sawtooth to a triangle. Conversely, rotating the knob from the center to completely clockwise moves the wave from a triangle to a descending sawtooth.

When in square wave mode, moving the Shape knob from counterclockwise to the center changes it from a pulse-width wave to a full square-width wave, while moving it from center to clockwise changes it from square-width to a large pulse-width wave.

Additionally, the Stereo Pulsar features a depth knob for adjusting the overall amount of tremolo, as well as a Rate knob, which alters the overall modulation amount.

Stereo Pulsar Features

  • Small die-cast aluminum case saves valuable pedalboard space
  • Depth, shape, and rate controls
  • Wave Shape Switch
  • Shape Knob
  • Depth Knob
  • Rate Knob
  • Triangle and Square Wave Modes
  • 9V Battery Operation
  • 9V DC-100 1/8" tip Positive Power Supply Optional
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