Electro-HarmonixOceans 12 Dual Stereo Reverb Pedal


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EHX Oceans 12 Dual Stereo Reverb Pedal

Truly unlike any reverb you've heard before, the Oceans 12 by Electro-Harmonix is a dual stereo reverb with oodles of algorithms, parameters, and routing capabilities—perfect for use with guitars, synthesizers, keyboards, and more. At the heart of Oceans 12 lies two identical reverb engines that can be run in series or parallel. You can set whether reverb A or B goes first in series or control the blend between the two in parallel. Each reverb has a total of twelve selectable reverb types, from classic types like room, spring, and plate to more experimental types adding echo, tremolo, reverse, and so much more.

Each algorithm has four main controls (input level, predelay, decay time, and tone) to control the basic shape while also providing two mode-specific parameters. With up to three modes per reverb type, this gives you the ultimate amount of flexibility in setting up spaces. Oceans 12 can run in mono or stereo with a wide array of stereo fields per reverb type, and for even further modulation, you can introduce the Tide control, creating warbly and wide-sweeping auto-pans. The Lo-Fi feature degrades the diffusion and echo density of the reverb, creating darker, shorter and rigid tails, and with the additional Tails control, you can determine whether the reverb decays naturally or cuts off abruptly when switching the footswitch's state.

Expanding upon the original Oceans 11, Oceans 12 adds a slew of additional features for furthering your sound design and performances. The stereo ins and outs are well-suited for use with stereo pedals or even your synths and stereo mixes, or alternatively, you can use the left in and out as a send and return FX loop to further process a mono reverb, allowing for massive amounts of sonic exploration. For adding drama and charm to particular segments over an entire sound, the Moment button turns Ocean 12's main switches into momentary toggles. The Oceans 12 adds external footswitch compatibility for single to triple footswitches that can control features such as the tap tempo and infinite sustain to each reverb individually; furthermore, the EXP button expands upon the normal volume control of the expression input by allowing you to map any reverb-type parameter with adjustable ranges for performance, and each mapping is savable per preset. Speaking of presets, there are 24 available presets to save, making it a versatile tool for performance over multiple tracks/pieces.

All in all, Oceans 12 is an amazing reverb to explore intertwining spaces and an amazing sound design tool in the studio or on the stage.

Oceans 12 Features

  • Dual Stereo Reverb
  • 12 reverb algorithms with variable parameters
  • Up to three modes per algorithm
  • True stereo in/out or mono in/out with a send and return
  • Knobs to control dry/wet, pre-delay, time and tone of the algorithm
  • Lofi and Tide controls to degrade the sound and modulate the stereo image, respectively
  • Series or parallel states
  • Tails switch for allowing reverb to decay when bypassing
  • Store 24 presets
  • Bypass footswitches for both reverbs that can act as latch or momentary
  • Expression/footswitch input
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 3.9" x 2.5"
  • PSU included
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Electro-Harmonix Oceans 12 Dual Stereo Reverb Pedal Reviews