Electro-HarmonixAttack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator Pedal


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EHX Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator Pedal

Attack Decay is a volume envelope effect based on the rare Electro-Harmonix Tape Reverse Simulator, producing sounds from choppy attacks to reversed tapes, bowed strings, and beyond. Attack Decay works by initiating a new volume envelope with every detected articulation—so each time you play a new note, it gets louder and softer with a shape and timing defined by the attack and decay control knobs.

This is already enough to breach into the world of classic reverse sounds effects and swelling chords...but in this iteration, EHX has included a "poly" mode, allowing individual envelopes to be applied to each note—which somehow feels impossible, but they've absolutely done it. This provides access to tones like those from a polyphonic synthesizer, completely changing the guitar's overall character.

The built-in Harmonix distortion circuit provides ample tonal control, providing Attack Decay access to a world of pseudo-guitar synth tones. And perhaps most interestingly, Attack Decay includes an external effects loop...so try inserting reverbs, delays, filters, ring modulators, and more into the loop for truly unique, mind-bending effects.

There's nothing else quite like Attack Decay—and because it does its job so well, there doesn't need to be.

Attack Decay Features

  • Volume envelope effect based on the rare EHX Tape Reverse Simulator
  • Adjustable attack and decay time
  • Integrated Harmonix fuzz with volume and tone adjustment
  • Mono mode retriggers at every incoming note onset
  • Poly mode provides individual, independent envelopes for each note you play
  • Great for tape reverse effects, artificially short articulations, bowed instrument sounds, and more
  • Three-slot preset memory
  • 4 x 4.75 x 2.25"
  • 9.6VDC-200mA supply (included)
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Electro-Harmonix Attack Decay Tape Reverse Simulator Pedal Reviews