Electro-Harmonix15Watt Howitzer Guitar Preamp + Power Amp


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Electro-Harmonix 15Watt Howitzer Guitar Preamp + Power Amp

Make sure your performance never goes south with the 15Watt Howitzer from Electro-Harmonix, a pedal-sized preamp and power that's meant for guitar, but great for amplifying any instrument signal. Meant as a backup for last minute gigs or issues in your amps, the Howitzer pushes a Class-D amp design with a very shapeable tonal palette for whatever kind of amplification you need. Drive the Howitzer's solid-state circuitry with the Gain control, applying loudness and saturation for overdriven tones the more you crank it. Shape your amplified signal with the three-band EQ to boost lows, mids, or highs, and apply a top boost with the Bright/Norm switch to determine the overall presence of your amplified sound. The amp output works for 8-16 ohm cabinets only, while the send and return FX loop can also act as a line out for working with mixers or interfaces. Whether for a last minute fix or an easy way to carry great tone with you wherever, Electro-Harmonix's 15Watt Howitzer is the ultimate life-saver for your pedal board.

15Watt Howitzer Features

  • Guitar amp/preamp pedal
  • Great for practice, last minute gigs, or backup if your amp breaks down
  • Plug directly into a cab supporting 8-16 impedance only
  • Set up your FX loop with the Send/Return I/O or take a direct line output from the Send
  • Gain knob will increase gain and overdrive from preamp for increased loudness and saturation
  • Three band EQ increases selected band, be it low, mid, or high
  • Bright/Norm switch determines top end presence, with either a boosted or darker signal
  • Vol control determines output level
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 4" x 2.25"
  • Power Specs: 24VDC/1000mA PSU included
Electro-Harmonix 15Watt Howitzer Guitar Preamp + Power Amp Reviews