Echo FixEF-X3 Tape Echo + Analog Chorus - Desktop

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Echo Fix EF-X3

While the RE-201 may be the most famous of Roland's vintage tape delays, the EF-X3 aims to capture the magic of units like the RE-301 Chorus Echo that blend both analog tape delay and BBD chorus into one blissful audio effect. Unlike their popular EF-X2, which has some DSP chorus and reverb effects inside, the EF-X3 is totally analog from start to finish.

Echo Fix got their start by fixing old Space Echo units, and as such they're very familiar with the common points of failure in those vintage devices. When engineering their modern day echo units, they were built from the ground up for unmatched reliability and performance. This includes a switch to disengage the tape motor when using the EF-X3 for its preamp or chorus effects, thus extending the longevity of your tape.

The centerpiece of the EF-X3 is, of course, the tape delay, which offers three playback heads and seven mode settings for various rhythmic patterns in true Space Echo fashion. Echo Fix also added a fourth head for Sound on Sound looping, which may be engaged separately for building out loops, drones, and generally tape-rich textures. At the right side of the panel are essential delay controls: tape Speed, Feedback, Echo Volume, plus Treble and Bass controls for tonal sculpting.

To round out the unit, the EF-X3 also contains a true, analog BBD chorus effect, with front panel Rate and Depth controls plus an on/off switch. You can bring in signals through the balanced input on the rear, but the front panel also offers a special guitar/line input with a beautifully crunchy FET preamp for tasteful saturation Control the Feedback and Delay Speed with control voltage, or plug in footswitches to remotely control the EF-X3. For additional fun, each head offers its own output on the back of the unit, allowing you to craft custom multi-tap delay arrangements with a mixer or DAW.

Echo Fix has put plenty of time and effort into developing their products to ensure that tape delay is a valid effect for the modern studio. As such, adopting the EF-X3 into your home ensures that you'll have some special spice for you instruments and mixes for years to come.

EF-X3 Features

  • Modern analog tape echo
  • 100% Analog signal path
  • BBD chorus
  • Analog spring reverb
  • 7 Tape head modes
  • Independently activated 4th SOS tape head
  • Motor on/off switch with automatic motor stop when no audio is present
  • Vintage JFET guitar/line in on the front panel
  • CV Control over speed and feedback
  • Remove dry signal with the flip of a switch
  • 2 Tape loops supplied with each unit
  • Desktop form factor
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Weight: 12kg
  • Power: Universal PSU for international voltages
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Echo Fix EF-X3 Tape Echo + Analog Chorus - Desktop Reviews