Echo FixEF-X2 MK2 Desktop Tape Echo + Effects

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Echo Fix EF-X2 MK2 Desktop

Engineered from the ground up to address common issues plaguing vintage Roland Space Echo units, the Echo Fix EF-X2 Mk2 is the contemporary heir to the RE-201's rich tape delay legacy. The EF-X2 operates in the way you'd expect a Space Echo to—three playheads may be combined in seven different ways, creating a myriad of scattered rhythms within the base delay time. Echo Fix has also added the unique Sound On Sound tape head: a longer delay line that ventures into near-Frippertronics territory. And thanks to additional control inputs on the front, expression pedals and CV from modular synthesizers may be used to modulate the EF-X2 for wild and dynamic effects.

While tape delay might be the main attraction for most, the EF-X2 also expands upon some of the other desirable bits of the Space Echo sound. Notably, a new JFET preamp on the guitar/hi-z input crunches up beautifully, providing more sonic sauce to be enriched by tape. In addition to the classic spring reverb, the EF-X2 also features a bit of optional DSP for chorusing and reverb effects, giving you more options in how your sounds are treated. Best of all, every section of the signal path may be engaged or bypassed, and the Mk2 version adds discrete outputs for the input, Echo, and Effect signals to be mixed externally.

With the EF-X2, you can bring the joys of analog tape echo to your studio, without the headache of maintaining a vintage piece.

EF-X2 MK2 Desktop Features

  • Modern tape delay with contemporary engineering
  • 3 playheads, 7 combination modes
  • Additional SOS head may be engaged on top of any standard delay mode
  • 2-band EQ for Bass/Treble shaping
  • Volume and bypass controls for tape echo
  • JFET line + Hi-Z preamps for delicious saturation
  • Switchable spring reverb and DSP chorus/reverb
  • Balanced audio I/O
  • Direct outputs for input, echo, and Effect signals
  • Snazzy VU meter for signal level monitoring
  • Control inputs for CV, expression pedals
  • Motor switch to turn off tape mechanism and increase life-span of motor and tape
  • Desktop format with wooden side panels
  • Universal power supply works worldwide
  • Dimensions: approx. 420 x 290 x 185mm
  • Weight: approx. 11kg
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