EarthQuaker DevicesThe Wave Transformer Analog Oscillator


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EarthQuaker Devices The Wave Transformer

The Wave Transformer Transfiguration Oscillator is the second Eurorack module from veteran signal manglers Earthquaker Devices. Offering their own approach to additive synthesis techniques, this analog VCO is centered around an asymmetrical wave distortion circuit capable of fraying simple waves into wildly complex timbres. Paired with a rich and stable analog oscillator as well as an armful of convenient controls and CV inputs, the Wave Transformer is a cornucopia of tone-bending fun.

Seven simultaneous waveform outputs give you tons of options to choose from and blend between, including sine, triangle, saw, and rectangle. Each of these basic outputs is straightforward, with the rectangle wave having a variable duty cycle which may be affected by the PWM controls and CV input. Additional unprocessed sub-octave outputs derived from the main oscillator are also included. The first is a Sub Pulse out and the second is a Sub Square out, both of which have fixed duty cycles. Finally, a "Complex" output integrates the wave transformation circuit, allowing the introduction of harmonic and subharmonic frequencies to a simple triangle wave when turning the Transform knob clockwise or applying CV to the Transform CV input.

Importantly, Earthquaker has delivered plenty of panel controls and inputs for changing the modules behavior, making for a flexible and fun powerhouse of wave modulation. The Shape Insert input allows you to input external signals to process through the transform circuit, which may also be set as the source for deriving the sub-oscillator frequency. The Complex Source switch changes the behavior of the transform function, turning off the output at the counterclockwise position. This turns the Transform control into a combined pseudo-wavefolder and VCA, allowing the transform input to be used to control volume and timbre simultaneously.

Naturally, all the other typical controls for a fully-fledged analog oscillator are here, giving you even more options and timbral range. Hard and soft sync, linear and exponential fm, PWM, three knobs for pitch control from coarse to microtunings, and a V/Octave input that tracks wonderfully over 7 octaves make the oscillator a versatile signal source even without utilizing the powerful wave-mangling capabilities. Transform your rack into a wave shaping powerhouse with the Wave Transformer from Earthquaker Devices.

The Wave Transformer Features

  • Analog VCO with additive distortion circuit
  • Seven simultaneous outputs: Sine, Triangle, Saw, Rectangle, Complex, Sub-Pulse, and Sub-Square
  • Complex output morphs between triangle and increasingly complex harmonic/subharmonic frequencies depending on the Transform setting
  • Exponential and Linear FM inputs
  • Hard and soft sync inputs
  • Pulse-width modulation input and control between 0% and 100% duty cycle
  • Each CV input has dedicated attenuator or attenuverter
  • Shape Insert input allows for processing external signals through the Transform circuit
  • Sub source switchable between internal and external signal from Shape Insert
  • Complex Source mute switch allows for controlling volume and timbre simultaneously with the
  • Transform input as a "Harmonic VCA"
  • Over 8 octaves of stable pitch tracking
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 20hp
  • Depth: 25.4mm
  • Current draw: 90mA @ +12V, 90mA @ -12V, 0mA @ +5V
Product Demo Videos
The Wave Transformer Eurorack Module - Transfiguration Oscillator | EarthQuaker Devices
EarthQuaker Devices is diving deeper into the weird and wonderful world of modular synths, this time creating a complex single oscillator module with seven audio outputs, a host of exciting features, and a unique "wave transformation" circuit.

The Wave Transformer is an analog, vintage-voiced, voltage-controlled oscillator with over 8 octaves of accurate pitch tracking. It has 7 simultaneous wave outputs, including a unique Complex output.

The Transform control morphs from a basic waveform through many strange iterations into a complex, gnarled mass of audio mutations at the Complex output. You can yield countless variations on these permutations by combining this novel circuit with Hard Sync, Soft Sync, Linear FM and Exponential FM. Additionally, you can mute the source waveform to use the circuit as a harmonic gate/VCA, rendering The Wave Transformer a voice unto itself. If that is not enough, there is a Shape Insert that allows you to transform external oscillations and modular-level audio sources.
The Wave Transformer // EarthQuaker's Boldest Device Yet ( & it isn't even a pedal)
I love a lot about this module.

Its a rock solid oscillator, which yes there are a ton of them, but this needs to be if its gonna compete. And the waveshaping from the transform circuit gives it enough of its own character to stand out. I think it's priced competitively, it does all the things other up-market "standard" oscillators do (built-in attenuators for modulation, hard and soft sync, built in sub) and it has so much of its own character.

If there's any downside, its kind of a lot of HP? But not really when you consider the sum of its parts. On all fronts, we got a banger.
Complex Morphing VCO, Subs, FM & more // The Wave Transformer by Earthquaker Devices (Eurorack Demo)
Well this was a surprise! Earthquaker Devices (makers of fine pedal FX) making a Eurorack oscillator. Yes they made the Afterneath module, but as that was a modular version of a pedal I didn't expect they come guns glazing with a big, bold VCO!

I first saw The Wave Transformer by Earthquaker Devices at Knobcon, where they brought it along for an early look and sat playing with it at the show I knew they were onto something that sounded great. Well now it's released here we are with a demo.

The Wave Transformer is a 20HP Eurorack oscillator, it's analog, with onboard complex, transforming wave shaping, sub generators with unique shapes, FM, sync, LOTS of precise tuning control and options to wave shape external sources, saturate audio and track subs from your other oscillators. I've had lots of fun with this one!
EarthQuaker Devices The Wave Transformer Analog Oscillator Reviews