EarthQuaker DevicesLedges Tri-Dimensional Reverb Pedal


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EarthQuaker Devices Ledges

Earthquaker Devices introduces Ledges, a three-mode reverb that features six recallable presets and an incredible amount of customization. You get Room, Hall, and Plate modes that are quite robust in their coloration and flexibility when using the Length and Damping. Room is the shortest and can go from a slapback to spring to a large room sound. Hall easily morphs to Cathedral-like spaces and Plate can be pushed towards near-infinite lengths. Each mode is designed to pick up where the other left off, that is, the longest Room is the shortest Hall, the Shortest Plate is the Longest Hall. Six slots for presets lets you save everything, even the expression control. Using the Expression jack, you can easily control one of the parameters by simply wiggling a knob in the toe-up position. Ledges is a fantastically versatile reverb that can go to any territory you'd like with guitar, bass, or synth.

Ledges Features

  • Three-mode Reverb pedal
  • Room, Hall, and Plate modes offer different colors and lengths
  • Tails when bypassed
  • 6 Preset slots
  • Expression jack for controlling a single parameter
  • Dimensions: 5 x 2.625 x 2.125 in
  • Power Specs: 9V 80mA PSU (not included)
Product Demo Videos
Ledges Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine | EarthQuaker Devices
Behold, the Ledges Tri-Dimensional Reverberation Machine!

Ledges is a three-mode reverb with the ability to save and recall six presets and user-assignable expression control with loads of customizable options. It’s not just any three modes though. EQD head honcho Jamie Stillman tried out hundreds of reverb sounds (yes, we’re serious, and yes, he’s a madman), and picked these three, the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop, the…you get it. Really good ones.

If you’re looking for that classic, standard reverb tone from the players and songs you love without any other effects, then this is your pedal. If you want to push the limits and take it further to sonic reaches that only you can uncover, then this is also your pedal. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted and needed out of a reverb and it’s the reason we brought you all the way up to this towering tone precipice.

The 3 switchable modes each deliver a unique blend of reverb, but are connected through a spectrum where the Room (R) reverb’s longest setting is the Hall (H) reverb’s shortest setting, the Hall reverb’s longest setting is the Plate’s (P) shortest setting, and the Plate’s longest setting just keeps on going.

Ledges has two operating modes: Live and Preset. Don’t want to remember all those pesky settings? Use a preset! Want Ledges to guide you to the farthest reaches of the sonic cosmos? Set the mode to Plate and cancel all your plans. And for the true adventurers, switch back and forth between live and preset mode. Go ahead, we double dog dare ya.

For further sonic exploration, use any TRS expression pedal to take control over the Length, Damping or Mix for endless customization. Different EXP assignments can be saved in each preset. You can also use Control Voltage with the EXP jack.

Each Ledges™ pedal is handcrafted on the highest peaks of the extreme altitude of Akron, Ohio, USA, where they are then transported down for delivery by carrier falcon.
EarthQuaker Devices Ledges Tri-Dimensional Reverb Pedal Reviews