EarthQuaker DevicesNight Wire V2 Harmonic Tremolo Pedal


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Earthquaker Night Wire V2 Harmonic Tremolo Pedal

Night Wire V2, by EarthQuaker Devices, is an all analog colorfully-rich harmonic tremolo that does so by signal splitting and modulated by an LFO. There are three modes of the filter - Manual, Attack, and LFO. In manual, the center enables users to fix position with frequency control. In LFO, filters are steadily swept and the speed can be managed with frequency control. In Attack, filters are controlled in a similar way to a classic envelope filter. Tremelo has two types of modes, Manual and Attack and both can produce tones that range from subtle and shimmery to intense and throbbing. With new updates Flexi-switches and improved circuity for less unwanted noise, the Night Wire V2 is a great addition for every pedalboard.

Night Wire V2 Features

  • Depth control adjusts tremolo intensity from subtle and shimmery to full-on throbbing pulsations
  • With Depth at minimum, Night Wire can double as a fixed filter for cocked-wah sounds, phaser, or envelope-controlled filter, depending on
  • Frequency toggle switch position
  • Level control offers output boost above unity gain to combat perceived volume loss
  • Two-way Rate toggle switch selects Manual or Attack modes: Manual rate control adjusts tremolo speed as normal. Attack tremolo speed determined by intensity of pick attack; the harder you pick, the faster the tremolo. Tremolo rate slows down as notes decay.
  • Three-way Frequency toggle switch selects between Manual, Attack, and LFO modes
  • New flexi-switch switching allows for momentary or traditional latching operation
  • True bypass
  • Silent relay-based switching
  • Daisychains not recommended
  • Rugged Aluminum Case
  • Hand-Built
  • Dimensions: 4.625" x 2.5" x 2.25"
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    Product Demo Videos
    EarthQuaker Devices Night Wire Dynamic Harmonic Tremolo Demo
    The Night Wire is a feature-rich harmonic tremolo. What is harmonic tremolo? In short, the signal is split into high pass and low pass filters, then modulated with an LFO that is split 180 degrees. The Night Wire takes the traditional harmonic tremolo a few steps further by allowing the center point of both filters to be adjusted for different tones. The filter frequency has three modes: Manual, LFO and Attack. In Manual mode, the center point can be set to a fixed position with the frequency control. In LFO mode, the filters are continuously swept and the frequency control adjusts the speed. In Attack mode, the filters are dynamically swept according to pick attack and the frequency control acts as a range control, much like a standard envelope filter. The tremolo section has two modes, Manual and Attack. In Manual mode, the speed of the tremolo is governed by where the rate control is set. In Attack mode the speed is controlled by pick attack and the rate controls the sensitivity; the harder you pick, the faster the rate and vice-versa. The tremolo can be subtle and shimmery or full-on throbbing depending on where the depth control is set. With the depth set to zero, the Night Wire will act like a fixed filter, phase shifter or envelope-controlled filter depending on which mode the filter frequency is in. It also features a cut/boost volume control to get your levels just right. Each Night Wire is hand made one at a time in the moonlit village of Akron, Ohio.
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