EarthQuaker DevicesGrand Orbiter V3 OTA Phaser Pedal


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Earthquaker Grand Orbiter V3 OTA Phaser Pedal

Grand Orbiter from Earthquaker Devices is a phaser effect pedal sure to offer deep, swirling textures. It's a 4-stage OTA design, which provides a distinctive, bold sound that's a bit different from other phasers that utilize JFETs or light-dependent resistors. With this in mind, Grand Orbiter provides plenty of ways to sculpt the phase shifting to your liking. Sweep determines the range of phase shifting across the frequency spectrum, from subtle to highly pronounced, and further accentuated with the Resonance control. The Rate control works in tandem with a 3-position switch, with positions one and three representing slow and fast modulation, while position two disables the LFO, allowing for fixed or manual adjustment of the Grand Orbiter's peak. The Phase/Vibrato switch cuts out the dry signal in vibrato mode, which in this case is more like a vibe effect rather than typical pitch vibrato. Additionally, the V3 of Grand Orbiter incorporates Earthquaker's Flexi-Switch bypass switching, allowing for both standard effect bypass at the tap of the switch, or alternatively supports momentary operation by simply holding the switch down for as long as you'd like the effect to be active. Float away with the luscious phase shifting found inside the Grand Orbiter.

Grand Orbiter V3 Features

  • OTA-based phase shifter pedal
  • Controls for Resonance and Sweep sculpt the tone of phase shift
  • Rate and Depth define how fast and deep the phase shifter is modulated
  • Rate switch adjusts speed between slow, stopped, and fast
  • Flexi-switch technology allows for standard latching or momentary effect usage
  • Dimensions: 4.625" x 2.5" x 2.25"
  • Power Specs: 9V DC Center Negative (PSU not included)
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