EarthQuaker DevicesAstral Destiny Octave + Reverb


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EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny

Astral Destiny is an octave/reverb pedal from Earthquaker Devices with rich sound and eight presets for a reverb pedal powerhouse. Eight reverb algorithms each provide unique character and behavior that shine in different applications. These range from huge sounding reverbs with no octave changes to octave shifting on reverb tails to pitch bending reverbs.

Alter the reverb decay with the length control from quick fade-outs to long-drawn-out reverb tails. The stretch footswitch doubles the length of the reverb effect while also adding a pitch shift or bend. Add modulation to your reverb with the chorus effect with adjustable rate and depth. Boost or cut the treble of your sound with the tone control. An expression pedal input gives remote control over parameters such as depth, length, rate, tone, or mix. Additionally, you can use CV signals to modulate these parameters from you modular or semi-modular devices ( with 3.3V CV input range). Save and recall up to eight presets, which store all panel settings, selectable by a switch. Embrace your fate—find yourself engulfed within a fantastic sounding octave-shifting reverb odyssey with the Astral Destiny.

Astral Destiny Features

  • Octave/reverb pedal
  • Eight reverb modes
  • Eight presets
  • Chorus with depth and rate
  • Assignable expression pedla input that accepts CV signals with a 3.3V range
  • Tone boosts or cuts treble
  • Stretch doubles rever length and adds a pitch effect
  • Length controls reverb decay
  • Reverb trails or true bypass modes
  • Dimensions: TBD
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative PSU (not included)
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