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E-RMPolygogo Stereo Polygonal Oscillator


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E-RM Polygogo

The E-RM Polygogo is a stereo oscillator which employs the all-new method of Polygonal Synthesis, providing visual analogies for complex sound generation and tone shaping. Developed by E-RM themselves, polygonal synthesis provides unmapped sonic territory to even the most seasoned synthesists.

Polygogo uses a series of simple parameters to create a two-dimensional representation of a sound. By generating polygonal shapes, users have the ability to alter the harmonic structure of a sound and its distribution between the module's left and right outputs. The Order parameter determines the number of sides to the shape (and thereby the ratio of the sound's overtones), while Roll rotates the shape and alters the stereo distribution and timbre. Order can generate shapes from lines to circles and everywhere between, allowing users to either lock to closed polygonal shapes or partial shapes between typical polygons.

The Teeth and Fold parameters allow users to distort the shape to alter the overtone structure. Teeth tilds the side of the polygon inward, creating disjunct assortments of lines and different angles—in effect altering the balance between the fundamental and its overtones. Fold is an analog process which distorts the shape and folds it back inward at its outer boundaries, creating everything from subtle fizziness to outright distortion.

Polygogo also features a dedicated FM operator with variable frequency and modulation index. The FM Ratio can be quantized or unquantized for locking onto more or less harmonically stable effects, and the FM Amount goes from subtle growls to intense aliased tones.

Bringing an entirely new set of techniques to the world of synthesis, Polygogo is as sonically striking as it is visually beautiful—great for everything from subtly evolving drones and heavy basslines to animated, alien noise.

Polygogo Features

  • Stereo oscillator harnessing Polygonal Synthesis, a synthesis method developed by E-RM themselves
  • Based on two-dimensional amplitude shaping of sine waves
  • Features internal modulation sources and a specially-designed wavefolder
  • Main synthesis functions handled on digital processor, with analog modification afterward
  • One-knob-per-function design layout
  • Crisp OLED display for graphically visualizing synthesis parameters
  • High-resolution CV inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 32hp
  • Depth: 26mm
  • Current draw: 110mA @ +12V, 15mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
E-RM Polygogo Stereo Polygonal Eurorack Oscillator
What is a stereo polygonal oscillator? The E-RM Polygogo uses this form of synthesis developed just for this module. The screen shows a visual representation of the sound that the oscillator is generating. When smoother shapes appear on the screen the sounds are more calm and when there are lots of particles and jagged lines moving around the screen some harsh timbres come out of the oscillator.

The Polygogo has teeth and fold parameters to add harmonics, and it also has a built in FM modulator. There are lots of synthesis options in the Polygogo and the screen is always giving you feedback on what is happening with your sound.
E-RM Polygogo Eurorack Oscillator Sounds SuperBooth 2019
E-RM had their first eurorack module at SuperBooth 2019. The Polygogo is an oscillator module that uses polygonal synthesis which is a new form of synthesis which is easily represented visually, and there is a great looking screen built into the module so you can see what your sound will be.
E-RM Polygogo Stereo Polygonal Oscillator Reviews