E-RMMidiclock⁺ Master Clock Source


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E-RM Midiclock⁺

The E-RM MIDIclock is a one-stop master clock source that can adeptly control almost any system, no matter its size. The unit boasts jitter-free accuracy for all generated MIDI clock messages, DIN Sync, and analog clock pulses. With the MIDIclock, faltered and frustrated timing will become a distant memory.

As most users will quickly discover, the MIDIclock presupposes that efficiency is the name of the game. A dedicated Resync button ensures that all clocks are properly aligned should anything drift during recording/performance. This can be accomplished without stopping the performance.

The MIDIclock features two modes governing BPM operation: Live and Normal. In Live mode, the BPM can be altered by turning the knob, affording smooth tempo changes that can be tailored to a performance. Conversely, in Normal mode, any change to the BPM must then be confirmed y clicking the knob. This mode is ideal for maintaining a stable clock signal without accidentally affecting the BPM.

Midiclock⁺ Features

  • Two DIN output sockets to connect to your gear.
  • Clock signals can be distributed to numerous slaves by using MIDI Thru boxes, DIN Sync hubs and modular multiples.
  • Resync Functionality
  • 'Normal' and 'Live' Mode
  • 2 MIDI Ports
  • 1 USB Port
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