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Dwarfcraft Devices Ghost Fax Phase Computer

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Dwarfcraft Ghost Fax

Dwarfcraft's Ghost Fax is a phase computer—a advanced phaser with tons of options for modulation and customization of tone. Capable of completely new phaser sounds, this pedal takes modulation to the next level and allows novel tones and techniques with an intuitive interface.

Basic LFO-based phasing techniques are easily within reach, but the Ghost Fax also offers several other means of phase animation, including envelope follower functions, manual phase control, and the ability to use a footswitch to "pause" the phaser in its tracks. A unique "Poles" function allows the user to determine the number of allpass filters that comprise the phase effect, for everything from subtle phasing to deep swooshes. Dedicated feedback control also allows further sonic options, from pure electronic sound generation to traditional effects.

And all of that, plus the "secret" settings, allowing novel modulation shapes, further tone controls, envelope attack time, and more...put simply, the Ghost Fax makes phasers cool again.

Ghost Fax Features

  • Complex phase shifter with extensive modulation options and tone controls
  • Four modes of operation: standard, manual, envelope up, envelope down
  • Poles knob determines number of allpass filters in phaser effect
  • Feedback control for everything from subtle shifts to sweeping oscillations and ringing
  • Action knob controls speed, depth, or phase depending on selected mode
  • Pause footswitch stops phaser in its tracks
  • Secret settings accessible by holding Pause and Bypass switches...
  • Standard 9VDC center negative power (not included)
  • 4.7" x 3.7" x 2.2"
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