Dwarfcraft DevicesThe Great Destroyer Fuzz


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Dwarfcraft Devices The Great Destroyer

The Great Destroyer, by Dwarfcraft Devices, is a rhythmic oscillation and industrial fuzz pedal that would make The Dark Lord Cthulhu weep tears of cephalopod blood, if only He were awake to witness its glory. 

The pedal’s layout is remarkably simple: four accessible knobs control all crucial parameters, allowing for simple adjustments with radical results. Users can easily conjure deep and powerful low-end tones, albeit with a reasonable amount of attack so that rhythmic chording and edgy, shrieking solos can be achieved. Even better, different instruments will produce subtly different effects—so don’t hesitate to hook up those synthesizers and other line-level sources to cast some truly destructive sonic witchery. 

The Great Destroyer Features

  • True bypass
  • Volume knob
  • Secondary gain
  • Primary gain
  • 9vDC Operation (No Battery)
  • Unique Graphics
  • Pedal Enclsoure
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