Dwarfcraft DevicesHax Ring Modulator


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Dwarfcraft Devices Hax

Behold! The Dwarfcraft Devices Hax ring modulator pedal is now available in Eurorack format! Sourced from obsolete telephone components, Hax provides a characteristically disgusting ring modulation effect extending from punchy tremolo to accelerated shrieks from beyond the Seventh Circle.  However, because this is Eurorack, the module contains full CV implementation over all crucial parameters. If all this wasn’t caustic enough, additional sputtering and glitch behavior can be induced via the starve knob.

Hax Features

  • Crush oscillator via CV output
  • Strave knob
  • Intense ring modulation
  • Hi/Low Range Switch
  • 29 mm depth
  • 8hp
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