Dwarfcraft DevicesEau Claire Thunder Fuzz


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Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire

The Dwarfcraft Devices Eau Claire is a fuzz pedal that enacts a reckoning apropos other fuzz pedals. More specifically, the pedal does what other fuzz pedals have ignored to their own detriment: provides a stable mid-scoop for characteristically jagged tones that sound right at home in a metal composition. Despite this simple but effective new feature, the pedal is inherently versatile: engaging the bypass switch enables the Eau Claire to sound more like a traditional fuzzbox, while a Timewarp toggle switch alternates between a conventional hi-fi sound and a red-eyed stoner rock tone.  

Additional controls include Toneblast, which bypasses the tone control for increased mids and volume. Should things become too quiet, there’s also a feedback stomper that can be engaged to trigger an integrated feedback loop. Finally, the Eau Claire’s trim control is perfect for cleaning up muddiness, especially that characteristic of hotter pickups. 

Eau Claire Features

  • Trim dial
  • Feedback tune dial
  • Timewarp toggle switch
  • Volume dial
  • Tone dial
  • Distortion dial
  • Feedback switch
  • Toneblast switch


  • 9vDC Operation (No Battery)
  • Unique Graphics
  • Pedal Enclsoure
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