Dwarfcraft DevicesARF Attack Release Filter


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Dwarfcraft Devices ARF

The Dwarfcraft Devices ARF is a filter pedal with AR envelope control. The Attack and Release stages are controllable via the corresponding front panel knobs, while the activation and duration of the envelope are determined by a foot switch or CV gate signal. This allows for a greater amount of control, especially when compared to similar pedals incorporating a more conventional envelope follower design. Typically, these types of pedals are prone to triggering problems, which could essentially make or break a performance in some cases. 

The envelope’s range is extremely wide, extending from egregiously snappy to lengthy swells and drops. Even cooler, the envelope can be externally interfaced with CV-equipped gear for even more versatility. 

The ARF’s filter section consists of a low-pass style filter that is capable of self-oscillation at higher resonances. Users can control the cutoff amount with CV, and even create glitchy pitch shifts under the right conditions.

ARF Features

  • Filter Attack Amount Control
  • Filter Release Amount Control
  • Depth Amount Control
  • Drive Control for a familiar stomp-box Overdrive
  • Filter Frequency Control
  • Filter Resonance Amount Control
  • Self-Oscillation Capable
  • Envelope Activation and Sustained Peak Duration Foot Switch with CV Gate Input
  • True By-Pass
  • ART by Foie
  • 9v DC Operation (No Battery)
  • Unique Graphics by Foie
  • Pedal Enclosure
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