DSM & HumboldtSimplifier Bass Station Preamp + Cabinet Simulator


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DSM & Humboldt Simplifier Bass Station

Slip the Simplifier Bass Station from DSM & Humboldt into your gig bag for an incredibly portable yet versatile bass preamp/DI, with built-in cabinet sim and dual FX loops. It all starts with the SVT-modeled preamp section that features gain and level controls, so you can dial in a nice growl, and with a 3-band EQ with switchable midrange and +/-15dB for each band your perfect tone is just a tweak away. The Bass Station features two FX loops: one that goes through the preamp and another parallel loop that gets the clean signal with a switchable low pass filter. A cabinet simulation hugs everything together and gives you an authentic sound of a closed-backed 8x10, vented 1x15, or vented 4x10—without needing to actually use one of these goliaths. Switch between warm, bright, and modern for different types of speakers, and further customization is available with dedicated Resonance and Mix Position controls. If you're a bassist, DSM & Humboldt's Simplifier Bass Station is a must-have, no matter what style you play.

Simplifier Bass Station Features

  • Preamp and DI designed for bass guitar
  • Ampeg SVT-modeled preamp gives you growl and grit like the real thing
  • 3-Band EQ with +/- 15dB of gain
  • Selectable midrange frequency: 400-900-1200Hz
  • Gain and Level controls for saturation control
  • 2x FX Loops: 1 that includes the preamp and 1 that bypasses the preamp retaining your clean signal
  • Bypassed FX loop has switchable low pass filter: off, 100Hz, or 500Hz
  • Cab sim gives acoustically realistic response of: closed-back 8x10, vented 1x15, or vented 4x10
  • Switch the speaker type between warm, bright, and modern
  • Adjust mic position and cabinet low end resonance
  • 1/4" Thru
  • XLR DI out with second parallel XLR out
  • Dimensions: Power: 9v–12v DC center-negative PSU with 80mA recommended (not included)
  • Power Specs: Inputs: 1x 1/4" TS jack, 1x 1/8" Aux input (sends only to headphones)
  • Outputs: 1x 1/4" TRS out, 2x XLR outputs: 1 preamp/parallel mix, 1 just parallel signal, 1x 1/8" headphone output
  • 2x Effects loops: 1 with the preamp, 1 clean without preamp
  • Phase control
  • GND Lift
  • Active/passive bass electronics switch
  • Dimensions: 115 mm (4.53 in) / 65 mm (2.55 in) / 55 mm (2.16 in)
  • Weight: 430 g (0.94 lb)
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