DreadboxTreminator Multi-Waveform Tremolo Pedal


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Dreadbox Treminator

The Treminator from Dreadbox is an analog VCA-based tremolo pedal that adds a wonderful expressive quality to your playing or creates unique sound chopping effects. Controlled using the internal LFO, the rate is quite vast, able to go as slow as 20 seconds or as fast as 220Hz. Patch points at the top give you the option to connect to other Dreadbox pedals or to modular equipment with CV in/out and VCA control. Complex modulation is possible through the two envelope generators that affect the LFO shape and the LFO can move through any waveform you can imagine including random. If you're looking for a tremolo pedal that has more than a few tricks up its sleeve, the Treminator from Dreadbox is the pedal for you.

Treminator Features

  • Analog VCA-based tremolo pedal
  • Internal LFO shaped by 2 envelope generators
  • 3 3.5mm CV patch points
  • Tap tempo with division options
  • LFO rate goes from 20s–220Hz
  • Dimensions: 5.51" x 3.93" x 2.20"
  • Power Specs: 80mA @ 9VDC (center negative, PSU not included)
Dreadbox Treminator Multi-Waveform Tremolo Pedal Reviews