DreadboxTaff Scientific Tremolo


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Dreadbox Taff

Dubbed a "scientific tremolo" by its creators, Taff is an 100% analog volume pedal with an integrated voltage controlled amplifier and a distinct optical tremolo. When in standalone operation, the amplifier acts as a booster that can be used in tandem with CV or an expression pedal to yield total control over the output volume.

Taff Features

  • Hi-Fi optical tremolo
  • Versatile wave selection
  • VC Amp for sweeps & fades
  • Compatible with expression pedal or CV input (on Amp)
  • Knobs: Depth / Speed / Wave Selection
  • Wave Width / Amp initial gain
  • It's also great on keyboard instruments
  • Works with any Boss style 9V power supply (center negative), not included
  • True bypass
  • Rugged Enclosure
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