DreadboxRaindrops Stereo Pitch Shifting Delay Pedal


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Dreadbox Raindrops

Dreadbox's Raindrops is a three-mode stereo delay, pitch-shifting delay, and reverb—making it a truly versatile addition to any pedalboard. Each delay mode has its own discrete processing chip, and thus each mode has its own unique flavor. The modulated delay can give you a little or a lot of warbling with a chorus effect happening with fast delay times. The pitch-shifting mode gives you the option to blend in and change the pitch of the delay, with the option to have the feedback path before or after the pitch-shifting. A final reverb option lets you create lush soundscapes, or add a little bit of depth. With simple controls and pleasant aesthetic, the Raindrops from Dreadbox is a fine addition to any signal chain.

Raindrops Features

  • Stereo delay, pitch-shifter, and reverb pedal
  • Hybrid circuit with multiple delay lines and chips
  • Delay times from 50ms to 1000ms with lo-fi sounds above 700ms
  • Each algorithm allows the saving of one preset
  • Dimensions: 5.51" x 3.93" x 2.20"
  • Power Specs: 220mA @ 9VDC (center negative, PSU not included)
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