DreadboxNymphes Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Module


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Dreadbox Nymphes

Dreadbox's contemporary desktop synth, Nymphes, provides six voices of analog polyphony in the same rugged and portable fashion found in the Typhon. With the only digital component in its signal chain being the rich reverb, Nymphes sports a traditional subtractive synthesis architecture, offering a variable-shape VCO with sub-oscillator and noise, a 24dB/oct resonant lowpass filter, a 6dB/oct highpass filter, two ADSR envelopes and a flexible LFO—all per voice. The simple layout of Nymphes provides multiple functions per control via the shift and menu buttons, allowing access to an abundance of features such as assigning modulation sources and destinations, VCO pulse width and detuning, and seven user-programmable chords. Craft your killer sounds and save them to one of 98 preset slots, and recall them from anywhere thanks to the fact that Nymphes is capable of running off of USB power—ideal for on-the-go music making. Perfect for sculpting pads, stabs, textures, or whatever you desire in the analog domain, the Dreadbox Nymphes is a great polysynth to add to any live or studio setup.

Nymphes Features

  • Six-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer
  • Lush digital reverb (developed by Dreadbox)
  • One variable waveshape VCO with sub oscillator and noise generator
  • 4-pole resonant LP filter with tracking
  • 1-pole non-resonant HP filter
  • Two envelopes and one LFO per voice
  • One generic LFO
  • Seven savable Chords to edit and modulate per patch
  • Mod wheel, velocity and aftertouch assignable to multiple parameters
  • 98 presets memory (49 factory/49 user)
  • Durable, metal enclosure
  • Up to 50 hours of play time with a 20,000 mA power bank
  • 1/4" mono TS output
  • 1/8" headphone output
  • MIDI IN via USB or DIN5
  • USB powered (2 Watts)
  • 24 x 12.5 x 3.8 cm
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Dreadbox Nymphes Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Module Reviews