DreadboxDisorder Analog Fuzz Pedal


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Dreadbox Disorder

Dreadbox's Disorder is an analog fuzz box filled with tone-defying goodness, great for guitarists, bassists, and synthesists alike. Offering stellar compatibility both with instruments and modular gear, Disorder starts off with a control for the amount of Fuzz centered right in the middle of the pedal. When cranked past 50%, the fuzz gate engages for more sputtery and choppy sounds and takes out any low ringing hum that might stick around. The onboard filter control determines the position of the cutoff based on it's filter type, sweeping from low to high pass filter, and when set to the middle, you'll get a non-filtered sound to disengage it. The Reson control increases the amount of resonance within the filter path, pushing up to self-oscillating tones for ringing madness next to the already hectic fuzz. To top things off, Disorder has a built-in envelope follower tied to the filter cutoff frequency with selectable range and amount, producing the beloved auto-wah sound with a wide timbral palette prior. With both modular-level CV input for the filter cutoff and CV output for the envelope follower, Disorder is sure to produce a crunchy to chaotic array of sounds any guitarist, synth player, or musician.

Disorder Features

  • Aggressive analog fuzz pedal
  • Analog BBD-based signal path
  • Oscillating filter cutoff knob that sweeps low pass CCW and high pass CW
  • Reson controls amount of feedback in the filter
  • Envelope switch acts as an auto wah in a positive or negative direction, amount dictated by Sense knob at the top
  • CV input to control filter cutoff and CV envelope output for Eurorack
  • Buffered CMOS bypass switch
  • Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 2.5"
  • Power Specs: 9V DC center negative (PSU not included)
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