Dr. ScientistThe Elements Tone Shaping Distortion Pedal


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Dr. Scientist The Elements Tone Shaping Distortion Pedal

The Dr. Scientist Elements brings distortion, overdrive, and EQ to any guitar, bass, or electronic instrument setup where it is implemented. The pedal provides an unprecedented amount of tonal control, accessible through a straightforward and highly tweakable front panel interface. Gain control over those wayward tones with a single, compact source!

The Elements Features

  • Bass: +/-15dB peaking filter centered at 100Hz
  • Midrange: +/-15dB peaking filter, center frequency chosen by Mid Freq toggle
  • Treble: +/-15dB peaking filter centered at 3kHzGain: Op-amp based, range from less than unity to very high saturation
  • Vol: Passive resistance to ground
  • Mix: Dry at 0, wet at full
  • Gain: Lower position is low gain mode (less than unity to medium overdrive), Upper position is high gain mode (medium overdrive to heavy saturation
  • Clip: Upper position is LED clipping diodes (2V threshold), Middle position is no clipping diodes, Lower position is asymmetrical clipping with Germanium diode and LED (.3V + 3V threshold)
  • Bass: Upper position is medium input bass cut, Middle position is no input bass cut, Lower position is heavy input bass cut
  • Mid Freq: Upper position sets midrange knob to 400Hz, Middle position is 1200Hz, Lower position is 800Hz
  • Mono input, mono output
  • Power Requirements: 9VDC @ 50mA, 18VDC @ 100mA
  • Input/Output Impedance: 500kΩ/1kΩ
  • Bypass: True bypass using soft touch switch and relay
  • Expression Control: Controls Mix knob, TRS input, 50kΩ
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime (from Dr. Scientist)
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