Dr. ScientistFrazz Dazzler V2 Fuzz Pedal


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Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler V2 Fuzz Pedal

The Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler is a fuzz pedal that can operate in either gated or non-gated modes. In the former, the pedal axes all volume when below a specific threshold; this is an ideal means of reducing noise, hiss, and other high frequency irritants. However, the Frazz Dazzler didn’t get a name like that by being a one-trick pony. It also contains a 3-band EQ, expression pedal input, and a voltage starve feature for sputtering disarray. 

Frazz Dazzler V2 Features

  • Gated or Non-gated Fuzz
  • Prevents unwanted hiss 
  • Three band EQ
  • Voltage Starve 
  • Expression pedal input
  • Operation: Mono input, mono output
  • Power Requirements: 9VDC @ 50mA
  • Input/Output Impedance: 500kΩ/1kΩ
  • Bypass: True bypass using soft touch switch and relay
  • PCB Trim-pots:
  • Bass: +/-15dB peaking filter centred at 100Hz, cut or boost the bass of the signal
  • Expression Control: Controls Mix knob, TRS input, 50kΩ
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime (from Dr Scientist)
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