Dr. ScientistBitQuest Multi-Effect Pedal


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Dr. Scientist BitQuest

The Dr. Scientist BitQuest is a multifarious digital effects pedal that achieves an astonishing array of complexity without any menu diving. A straightforward front panel interface affords easy control over every parameter, opening the gates to previously undiscovered sonic territory. A dedicated rotary switch affords access to eight separate digital effects such as filtering, flanger, reverb, bit crushing, ring modulation, pitch shifting, notch filtering, and glitch delay. The sheer amount of possibilities contained therein allow users to create an astonishingly diverse amount of timbres from a single compact source.

BitQuest Features

  • 8 custom designed effect patches:  Flanger, High Pass and Low Pass Filters, Bit Crusher with Sample Rate Reducer, Infinite Reverb, Notch Filter, Ring Modulator, +/- 1 Octave Pitch Shifter/Harmonizer, 1 Second Digital Delay.
  • 2 modes of operation, Clean and Dirty.  Clean mode has more control over the effects, dirty mode gives each patch a cool digital distortion control with noise gate.
  • Analog controls include clean blend, volume for wet signal, tone for wet signal, plus 3 digital controls for the effects.
  • Soft touch relay switching
  • Hand-Programmed (Spin FV-1 based)
  • Hand-Built
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (from Dr Scientist)
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Product Demo Videos
Dr. Scientist Bitquest Demo
The Bitquest from Dr. Scientist is a digital multi-effect pedal that is able to play many different roles. It is complex but without any menus, letting each complex element be directly controlled with knobs on the pedal. The Bitquest is made for adventure, leading one into new sonic territories not previously considered. Eight different digital effects are selectable through a rotary switch. They include such effects as Flanger, Filtering, Bit manipulation, reverb, notch filtering, ring modulation, Pitch shift, and glitch delay. Never has so many timbral characters been available in one compact pedal. The Bitquest is one for the journey.
Dr. Scientist BitQuest Multi-Effect Pedal Reviews