DoepferMSY2 MIDI to DIN Sync Interface


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Doepfer MSY2

The Doepfer ‘MSY2’ is a Sync interface that converts the MIDI realtime events CLOCK, START, and STOP into the corresponding signals CLOCK and START/STOP of the SYNC standard. This standard is used in the the classic Roland devices such as the TB-303 and TR-808. SYNC-CLOCK is a periodic TTL signal (0/+5V) representing the tempo. SYNC-START/STOP is a single that indicates on the 2 possible states: START = +5V, STOP = 0V. MSY2 enables the 1:1 conversion of MIDI CLOCK to SYNC CLOCK i.e. 1 MIDI clock trigger 1 SYNC clock pulse, as well as the reduction of the tempo by dividing the incoming MIDI clock frequency by an integer factor. The factor can be set to any value between 1 and 16 with 4 DIP switches. 1 corresponds to the 1:1 conversion, 16 is the maximum of frequency reduction, i.e. after 16 MIDI clocks 1 SYNC clock appears. The polarity of the CLOCK signal the polarity of the START/STOP can be chosen by the 2 DIP switches provided.

The SYNC standard is used with vintage sequencers or drum computers like the ROLAND TB303 or TR808. The SYNC standard uses the same type of 5 pole 180° DIN connectors as MIDI. But the standards do not fit as other pins are used and the signals are completely different! So users always have to distinguish between the MIDI and SYNC connectors! 

MSY2 Features

  • MIDI to DIN SYNC Interface
  • 2 Parallel DIN SYNC Output connector for controlling 1 or 2 units equipped with SYNC Inputs
  • Clock Signal 3.5mm Output Available (Same Division Factor and Voltage Level as SYNC connector)
  • MIDI Input (Connected to any MIDI Clock capable device)
  • MIDI Thru Output
  • Power Supply via MIDI IN or External AC Adapter (AC Adapter Recommended, if MIDI IN power is desired Internal Jumper needs to be set correctly)
  • MIDI to DIN SYNC Resolution from 1:1 to 1:16
  • Bipolar Clock Signal and START/STOP Signal chosen by 2 DIP Switches provided
  • Sturdy Metal Case (About 60x60x35mm, 1mm sheet steel)
  • 2 DIN SYNC Outputs
  • 1 Analog Clock Output
  • 1 MIDI Input
  • 1 MIDI Thru Output
  • External AC Adapter for Power Supply: 9V DC 100mA (Center-Positive)
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