DoepferA-188-1B BBD Delay - 1024 Stages

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Doepfer A-188-1B

Doepfer's A-188-1b is a BBD-based module unlike any other: capable of classic analog delay, flanging, Karplus-Strong, and just plain grimey, noisy insanity, the A-188 is just plain incredibly, and perhaps a bit evil. A wide-range, super high frequency internal clock provides delay times from nearly nothing all the way down into extreme underclocked madness, while options for external feedback loops and polarity inversion at every signal input provide the ability to turn this module into the basis of a feed-back based synthesis framework. The 1024-stage version rides the line between flanging effects and fluttering echoes to legitimate analog delay, breaking up into interesting textures as the delays lengthen. Add a filter in the feedback loop to soften repeats, or just bathe in the grime of pure BBD madness.

A-188-1B Features

  • 1024 stages
  • High-Speed VCO section
  • BBD / Audio area
  • Perfect for delay, chorus, and Karplus-Strong Synthesis
  • External feedback loop
  • Controllable polarity for internal and external feedback
  • CV input for delay clock rate, with attenuator and polarity switch
  • One unattenuated CV input for delay clock rate with switchable polarity
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth:
    • Eurorack module
    • Width: 14hp
    • Depth: 60mm
    • Current draw: 80mA @ +12V,50mA @ -12V
Doepfer A-188-1B BBD Delay - 1024 Stages Reviews