DoepferA-183-9 Quad USB Power Supply


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Doepfer A-183-9

The Doepfer A-183-9 is a low-profile yet elegant and effective solution for providing current to devices requiring USB Bus Power to operate. It offers four USB A-type outputs, perfect for reliable use with keyboards, smartphones, tablets, and LED lights.

Please note the A-183-9 requires a power supply with a dedicated +5V rail to operate, and does not transmit any data via its USB connectors. Ensure that your PSU has a +5V rail and sufficient amperage to power the connected devices—works best with Doepfer's PSU3.

A-183-9 Features

  • 2hp USB power supply module
  • Taps case's +5V line to supply power to USB devices
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 2hp
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current draw: +5V current draw dependent solely on connected devices
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