DoepferA-100 P6 Portable Eurorack Case - 6U / 84HP


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Doepfer A-100P6

Doepfer’s A-100P6 is a portable suitcase based on the likes of their popular A-100 case, though not exactly the same. Like its predecessor, the A-100P6 features two 84HP rows, removable cover, a handle, and a power supply complete with two bus boards with a total of 28 headers.

A-100P6 Features

  • Dimensions: 460mm x 340mm x 220mm, with cover and rubber feet
  • Weight (without modules): 7kg
  • Size: 2 x 84HP
  • Two bus boards
  • Max depth for modules is approx. 70mm in the power supply area (bottom right), and approx. 100mm in the remaining area
  • 28 Power headers for module connection
  • Output Current: 2000mA @ +12V, 1200mA @ -12V, 4000 mA @ +5V
  • This item is compatible with M3 threaded screws.
  • Maximum module depth: 100mm
  • Minimum module depth: 70mm
  • Available Current: 2000mA @ +12V, 1200mA @ -12V, 4000mA @ +5V
  • Dimensions w/ Lid: 460 x 340 x 220mm
  • Dimensions w/o Lid: 460 x 330 x 175mm
  • Weight w/out modules: 7kg
  • External power: Mains in via IEC
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Doepfer A-100 P6 Portable Eurorack Case - 6U / 84HP Reviews